Loving all these super space saving idea

Loving all these super space saving ideas!!!


thinking of a quick an easy way to add s

thinking of a quick an easy way to add so detail, have a look at the link below, its fun, easy, and creative. http://ow.ly/BBeGJ

We passed Chas, Have you? Benefits of us

We passed Chas, Have you?

Benefits of us having CHAS
Assessing suppliers health and safety competence is usually a lengthy and time consuming process. Suppliers can sometimes meet one buyer’s Health and Safety standards but not another. Being CHAS approved reduces duplication as suppliers compliance is accepted by all CHAS buyers.
CHAS assesses applicants:
• Health and safety policy statement;
• Their organisation for health and safety;
• Their specific health and safety arrangements to a standard acceptable to our buyers and to others.
CHAS Benefits:
• Participating in the CHAS scheme helps both suppliers and buyers.
• Suppliers show compliance with important parts of health and safety law (the core criteria described in the CDM regulations).
• On achieving compliance a supplier is approved to work for all of CHAS’ buyers.(Some Buyers may require “Accredited” Status)
• Inconsistencies are reduced where some suppliers may be judged compliant by one buyer but not another.
• CHAS gives guidance on any weaknesses in a supplier’s safety management, including how they can improve.
• Being a CHAS supplier or buyer saves both time and resources.
An extremely helpful and personable assessor made our application far more straightforward than I first thought it would be. The important improvements and changes to our systems that were implemented throughout the application process have given us confidence in our Health & Safety structure and most certainly CHAS is now an important asset recognised by our customers. CHAS saves time and effort, and it provides a method for raising the standards of health & safety across organisations to the same level. The scheme makes effective business and legal sense.

Are you sitting comfortably? Here at D

Are you sitting comfortably? Here at D&G Office Interiors, our Modular Office Designers understand that your workplace needs to look good and feel even better if you’re going to get the best business results.

how handy is this, let me know what you

how handy is this, let me know what you think?

DB Fletcher Capstan Ilona expanding table
– YouTube http://ow.ly/BvWyZ

Morning is a wonderful blessing, either

Morning is a wonderful blessing, either cloudy or sunny. It stands for hope, giving us another start at what we call life. Have a good morning!

It only takes a minute to make a decisio

It only takes a minute to make a decision that will change your life, but by allowing D&G to transform your space you know that your decision was the right one.

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