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100% Recycled Flooring BIOSFERA Taking Sustainability Further

Biosfera I: Enhancing interiors, reducing environmental impact.
With 100% recycled yarn, lowest possible weights and integrated sustainable services and systems, Biosfera I from InterfaceFlor is one of the most sustainable flooring products on the market.

Glue-free installation – with TacTiles™
All Biosfera I carpet tiles are offered with TacTiles™ as a standard installation system, which means no need to use traditional adhesives.

Using TacTiles™ reduces the environmental impact by about 90% when compared to traditional adhesive.

Biosfera I can contribute positively to all major green building certification schemes. TacTiles™ can help gain further credits through these schemes, by lowering levels of VOCs.


Office Chairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year………

The Bromley 24/7 task chair that offers superb comfort and functionality. I deal for heavy duty use such as Police, Security, Air Traffic Control rooms and Banking halls, in fact anywhere the user has to be seated for any length of time. The technical bit about the Bromley 24/7, 365 days a year chair – It exceeds level ‘S’ certification and offers a 5 year warranty when using the 24/7 fabric.

More than a power module

Plugging your devices into Footprint opens a whole new world of control and energy analysis. The equipment around us is essential for our everyday activities. However, even in age where we are constantly reminded to be mindful of our carbon footprint we still take little notice of how much energy we are using, and how much it costs. Why not take a positive step in the right direction to start making sustainable changes and introduce the aptly named CMD Footprint. Footprint is a system that allows you to monitor your energy, schedule it, and identify areas where cost savings can be made.


Inspiring, innovative fabrics

Inspiring, innovative fabrics such as bold stripes or 60’s inspired floral prints instantly re-vitalise any interior space and offices are definitely not an exception. Most people would’t dream of making such a dramatic statement in an office environment but they have become increasingly popular among Interior and furniture designers alike. A combination of patterned and plain fabrics on any upholstered seating is hot and bang on trend at the moment so give your office a face lift and why not fall for floral?

Glass Dry Wipe Board

Minimalist and modern dry-wipe writing board for the contemporary classroom or meeting room. With concealed fixings the glass writing boards seem to float just off the wall. Manufactured from 6.0mm toughened safety glass that also features highly polished rounded edges and corners. The surface and structure of the board carries a life time guarantee and is available in a range of colours and magnetic options.

The Glass Mobile Screen is based on the same principles but being mobile allows the screen to be moved around the office and used as a screen divider and dry wipe board simultaneously.Glass Dry Wipe Board

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